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Updated: Oct 15, 2018

We often speak of grief as a journey - one without charts, telescope, or compass. It can be likened to sailing through uncharted waters in dense fog without any knowledge of the sea conditions, weather forecast, or destination. You cannot avoid your grief journey. You cannot choose to disembark. All you can do is hang on for dear life. You will eventually learn to navigate this voyage. The conditions will become familiar, and you’ll find ways to adapt. Eventually you will discover some safe havens and calmer waters.

When there is an imminent storm in our area we have to swiftly swing into action. Those who own boats in the local marina ensure the moorings are secure prior to the potentially destruct­­­­­ive storm. You are in a storm, aren’t you? How can you brace yourself for the ferocity of it? How can you ensure you never get lost in the torrential sea of grief you’ve been thrust into? You are going to need to secure your moorings and find something safe to be anchored to. What is your anchor? Who is your anchor?

Imagine having someone walking beside you every day of the year, sharing nuggets of wisdom, messages of comfort, real life stories, and glimmers of hope. Many people, including myself have traveled a similar journey to yours and we understand what it’s like to grieve deeply. HEALING THE GRIEVING HEART contains snippets of our collective wisdom, and practical ideas that has the potential to become healing balm to your grieving heart. A must-have if you are bereaved.

"I loved the book! I heard your voice throughout and it was such a comfort. Very heart warming  and affirming."

“I can thoroughly recommend this book. It would have to be the most practical book I have read on dealing with the loss of someone you love.”

Copyright 2018 Del Marie McAlister

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