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Cami Bear

Going through the loss of a loved one is hard to bear for anyone, and it comes with enough challenges and questions. Here at Cami Bear, we try to make one thing simple, by offering a Cremation Urn that can provide comfort and unconditional love whilst you navigate this difficult road. When you order a bereavement teddy bear from Cami Bear, you’ll get the comforting, understanding and compassionate service you need at this difficult time.

Harrison's Little Wings

Harrison’s Little Wings support families in a non-clinical, practical way that relieves the every day stress.   We currently provide our practical support services to families throughout Queensland and with funding, we want to extend our support nationally in the future. 

Karen Jefferson - Grief Practitioner

Whether you are looking for bereavement support or a professional practitioner to talk to, I hope that you find this website helpful in some way - diminishing the sense of isolation and providing more choice than you may have thought.

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