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I was visiting a friend in Melbourne recently and on my way from my motel to her place I walked past an old derelict house. I paused to look at it and wonder what stories the walls could tell if they had a voice. I then noticed inserted in one of the cracks of the wall at the base of the house, a beautiful flower was blossoming. The radiant shade of red was in stark contrast to the greying rotting wooden panels that surrounded it. I was reminded that beauty thrives even in adverse conditions.

There’s an ancient Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, called Kintsukuroi. When a pottery vessel breaks, instead of throwing it away, the piece is carefully repaired with gold. What was once damaged becomes even more unique and beautiful. It serves as a constant reminder that healing is possible. You are going through a time of brokenness. The death of your loved one has completely shattered you hasn’t it? You are damaged, but not beyond repair. Allow the golden balm of healing seep into your broken heart. Allow an object of rare beauty to emerge.

Imagine having someone walking beside you every day of the year, sharing nuggets of wisdom, messages of comfort, real life stories, and glimmers of hope. Many people, including myself have traveled a similar journey to yours and we understand what it’s like to grieve deeply. HEALING THE GRIEVING HEART contains snippets of our collective wisdom, and practical ideas, that has the potential to become healing balm to your grieving heart. A must-have if you are bereaved.

"I loved the book! I heard your voice throughout and it was such a comfort. Very heart warming and affirming."

“I can thoroughly recommend this book. It would have to be the most practical book I have read on dealing with the loss of someone you love.”

Copyright 2018 Del Marie McAlister

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