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You will need to have times of rest. Relaxation reduces stress and will help you feel peaceful. A simple, yet effective way to relax is this: Step 1: You start by eliminating all noise and disturbances. Step 2: Go somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable. Step 3: Make yourself comfortable. If you’re too hot, cool down. It you’re cold, wrap yourself up in a warm rug. Step 4: Relax your body by closing your eyes and concentrating on taking slow deep even breaths. Roll your neck to loosen stiffness and allow your body to go floppy. Step 5: Engage in something you enjoy doing such as meditation, reading, soaking in a bath etc.

Grievers need to nurture themselves by engaging in activities that enhance their sense of wellbeing. These things may include enjoying meal at a nice restaurant, having a relaxing massage, going to the hairdressers, going for a scenic drive, or by enjoying a holiday. If you don’t have spare money for indulging in life’s luxuries, perhaps you can pamper yourself by enjoying the therapeutic beauty of the outdoors and engaging in recreational activities such as leisurely walks along the beach, going on bush walks, or by visiting some lovely gardens. Watching the sunset is very therapeutic and doesn't cost a cent.

Imagine having someone walking beside you every day of the year, sharing nuggets of wisdom, messages of comfort, real life stories, and glimmers of hope. Many people, including myself have traveled a similar journey to yours and we understand what it’s like to grieve deeply. HEALING THE GRIEVING HEART contains snippets of our collective wisdom, and practical ideas, that has the potential to become healing balm to your grieving heart. A must-have if you are bereaved.

"I loved the book! I heard your voice throughout and it was such a comfort. Very heart warming and affirming."

“I can thoroughly recommend this book. It would have to be the most practical book I have read on dealing with the loss of someone you love.”

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