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When I visited Rachel, she eagerly showed me a shrine she had created in honour of her husband. His favourite cap was on this makeshift shelf, along with their wedding photo and some other items that were his. All these objects represented aspects of her husband’s life. They made Rachel feel that she was still connected to him. It was a way to honour him. Every evening she lights the candle in loving memory of her husband. Creating a shrine to the memory of your loved one will help you channel your grief into creativity. It can be as small or as elaborate as you choose.

Some people create a shrine at the grave. Once a week, Michelle visits her son’s grave and often takes things he would've loved or collected himself such as shells and stones from the beach, heart-shaped rocks, little toys and trinkets, and souvenirs from her travels.

Imagine having someone walking beside you every day of the year, sharing nuggets of wisdom, messages of comfort, real life stories, and glimmers of hope. Many people, including myself have traveled a similar journey to yours and we understand what it’s like to grieve deeply. HEALING THE GRIEVING HEART contains snippets of our collective wisdom, and practical ideas, that has the potential to become healing balm to your grieving heart. A must-have if you are bereaved.

"I loved the book! I heard your voice throughout and it was such a comfort. Very heart warming and affirming."

“I can thoroughly recommend this book. It would have to be the most practical book I have read on dealing with the loss of someone you love.”

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