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A note from the author:
This second edition of The Aged Care Leisure & Lifestyle Guide has been enlarged and revised to keep you updated with relevant and current information. There is much more on cultural and diversity. Additionally, a new chapter has been added entitled Coping with Covid-19.
The Australian government has recently established an Aged Care Reform Package based on insights and recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care. This Package includes an allocated $7.8 billion to support Residential Aged Care Homes. At the time of publishing this manual (2021), the government is at the early stage of developing this Reform Package. This stage consists of consumer and community consultation. You can become informed and involved by logging on to: sector.
Due to the changing nature of this industry coupled with the reforms, there may be some information in this manual that becomes redundant. Therefore, I intend on updating this manual annually. I am also committed to providing information as soon as it is release through our Facebook social media platform:
Del Marie McAlister

The Aged Care Leisure and Lifestyle Guide (Second Edition)

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