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Activities for Enjoyment 
Tongue Twisters 
November Information and Activity Ideas 
Q&A - Taking things from Resident’s Rooms 
Activities for Aged Care Manual Information  
The Neuroscience of Singing 
Singalong Resources 
Strolling Down Memory Lane 
Remembrance Day 
Just Horsing Around  
Thankfulness Ideas 
Sensory Blankets 
Common Cliches 
Hello in Different Languages 
Keep Your Fire Burning 
Laughter & Fun 51 Opposite Words 
The N Game 
Colin Thiele, Author of The Storm Boy  
Throw the Dice Exercises 
Sound of Music Quiz 
Calling Cards
Amazing Maze
Word Search - Beach
Word Search - Australian Movies
Word Search - Kiwi Movies
Word Search - Precious Stones
Word Search - Home Appliances
Word Search - Sound of Music
Word Search - Melbourne Cup
Reflections - Thankfulness 
Thankfulness Tree Idea 
How did we Survive? 
Complying with the Quality Standards 
Processing Grief 
Knitting with Purpose  
Amazing Art Ideas  
Chaplain’s Corner 
Devotions for Christians 
Employee of the Month - Katja Jefferys
World Kindness Signs 
Flower Project 
Choosing Suitable Entertainers  
Dancing and Moving with Entertainers  
Meet Lauretta Caldor 
Ageless Grace Body and Brain Health 
Zoom Music Events 

inspire - November 2021

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