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May Information and Activities Ideas 
Q&A - Cultural Diversity 
Craft, Activities and Ideas 
My Mother Always Said... 
A Stroll Down Memory Lane 
Finish the Phrase E&F 
Quiz - Past or Present? 
Retirement Jokes 
Quiz - Every Answer is a Number 
For L&L Team Leaders 
About Growing Older 
Activity - Teacup Design 
Activity - Memory Card Game 
Activity - Archery 
Word Search - Cakes 
Word Search - Sport 
Word Search - Transportation 
Word Search - Art & Craft 
Word Search - Old Movies 
Word Search - Singer’s Surnames 
Spiritual Care 
Bible Study for Seniors 
Expected Death by Sarah Kerr 
Turtle to Colour in Mother’s Day Poster Self Nurture Poster Flourish
Meet Margaret Rolla Vege Pods
Dover Colouring Pictures

inspire - May 2022

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