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Information and Activity Ideas for March
Craft, Activities and Ideas 
ABC Whiteboard Games 
Fact or Fiction - Sound of Music Quiz 
A Stroll Down Memory Lane 38 Introducing the U3A 
Bone China Tea Sets Reminiscing 
Laughter and Fun 
How to Conduct Successful Resident Meetings 
Quiz - Television Series 45 Professional Development 
Comic Quiz 
Tongue Twisters 
Finish the Phrase - C 
Word Search - Transportation 
Word Search - Old TV Shows 
Word Search - Down on the Farm 
Word Search - 1940s 
Word Search - Fabric 
Word Search - Nuts & Seeds 
Spiritual Care 59 Devotions for Christians 
Bible Studies for Seniors 
Activity - Mandalas with Pebbles 
Activity - Time Capsules 
Activity - Night at the Proms 
National Women’s Day Photoshoot Frame 
Creating a Monthly Program 
Monet Water Lilies Craft Project
Bean Bag Toss Game
Art of Care Book Information Flourish
Zoom Music with Madeline

inspire - March 2022

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