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March Daily Information and Activity Ideas 
Celebrating St Patrick’s Day
Irish Limericks
Irish Dancing - At Any Age
Irish Word Search
St Patrick’s Day Signs
International Women’s Day
Harmony Week / Day
The Town Square by Jakob Neerland Food, Glorious Food
A Stroll Down Memory Lane Community Connections
Laughter & Fun
Creating a Person Centred Care Plan 
Complying with the Quality Standards 
When a Loved one is Dying (Handout) 
Activity - Art & Craft
Word Search - Animals
Word Search - Boy’s Names
Word Search - Girl’s Names
Word Search - Stories
Words and their Meanings 
Whiteboard Games
Have you ever Game?
Quiz - Super, Mad or Glad
Quiz - True or False
Quiz - The Missing Word
Quiz - Groups of...
Stress Less
Processing Grief
Christian Devotions
Butterfly Template
What Makes me Happy Template
‘M’ Whiteboard Word Game
Playing Games (Part 3)
Assisting Hearing Impaired People 
French words
All about me
Forest Day posters
Chaplaincy Corner
Gardening with Toni
Introducing Wisecare
Employee of the Month - Megan Frost 
Door Hanger Needs Template

inspire - March 2021

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