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July Events, Activities etc. 
Q&A - Residents Requesting more Bus Outings 
Men’s Group Ideas  
My Country  
A Stroll Down Memory Lane
The Leisure & Lifestyle Commitment to Reconciliation 
Finish the Phrase - G 
Stories for Seniors 
Laughter and 
Quiz - Groups of 
Fun Quiz -What’s the Missing Word in these Songs? 
NAIDOC Crafts 
Questions and Songs 
Quiz - What’s the Missing Name? 
Word Search - NAIDOC Week 
Word Search - Careers 
Word Search - Astronomy 
Word Search - Colours 
Word Search - Artist’s Names 
Word Search - Birds 
Word Search - Cats 
Word Search - Houses 
Activity - The M&M All About me Game 
Activity - Seven Wonders of the Modern World 
Activity - Clapping Games 
Activity - Scarf Exercises 
Activity - House Decorating
Colouring in 67 Colouring in 
Happy Hour Boosters 
Spiritual Care 
Bible Studies for Seniors 
Caring for the Bereaved 
Salvation Army Knitting Group 
The Old Man in the Village 
Boost Your Sense of Wellbeing poster 
Commonwealth Games for Aged Care 
Colouring In x 3
Helping Mum Remember who she is - By Julia Powel

inspire July 2022

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