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Love One, Love them All by Katya De Luisa 
February Daily Information and Activity Ideas 
Celebrating Waitangi Day (NZ)  
Celebrating Chinese New Year 
Chinese New Year Fact Sheet 
Valentine’s Day Craft & Ideas  
Food, Glorious Food  
A Stroll Down Memory Lane - Hometown Connections  
Items and Products  
The Five Love Languages of Loving Ourselves 
Laughter & Fun 
Establishing a Book Club 
Complying with the Quality Standards 
Card Games  
Word Search - Clothing 
Word Search - Emotions 
Word Search - New Zealand 
Quiz - What’s the Missing Word? 
Brain Teasers 
Quiz - The Odd One Out 
Quiz - Fairy Tales 
Quiz - Match the Couples 
Quiz - Love Songs 
Reminiscing - Early School Memories 
Template for Valentine’s Craft  
Weather Measuring Log 
Words and their Meanings 
Whiteboard games 
Activity - Balloon Games 
Spirituality During Dementia 
Stress Less 
Processing Grief 
Devotions for Christians 
Whiteboard Games - Countries 
I Remember when game 
Playing Games Part 2 
Volkswagen Beetle Facts 
Chaplaincy Corner 
Gardening with Toni

inspire Feb 2021

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