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April Daily Information and Activity Ideas 
The Role of Psychology in Aged Care Homes 
Knitting and Crocheting Project 
Easter Quiz 38 Finish the Phrase - D 
A Stroll Down Memory Lane 
You Know you’re Getting Old When... 
Seven Days of Exercises 
Road Theme Music and Movement 
Learning Empathy 
Weekend Trolley Idea 
Laughter and Fun 
Connect Five 
Naughts and Crosses 
The Great Trans-Tasman Quiz 
The Cami Bear Story 
Colouring In Therapy 
Whiteboard Games 
Spiritual Care in Aged Care 
Word Search - Herbs and Spices 
Word Search - Ice Creams 
Word Search - Happy  
Word Search - Games 
Word Search - ANZAC 
Contemplative Walks 
Decorating a Tree 
Recommended books for Aged Care L&L Employees 
Bible Studies for Aged Care 
Activity - Maps 
Activity - Australia’s Big Things 
Activity - Quotes in a Box 
Activity - Autumn Leaf Bowl 
We will Remember them Poster (Māori and English)
Charlie Chaplin Poster
Zoom Music
Validating Dementia without Lying 
Dover Colouring in Pages

inspire - April 2022

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