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Did you know that daily there are about 47,000 self-care hashtags on Instagram? It is estimated that the self-care market has generated 4.5 million dollars and is growing at an extremely rapid rate. So why on earth would I jump on the bandwagon?


Well, what I have learned is that trends come, and trends go – and there is not much substance when it comes to trends. Much of what is marketed as self-care are merely products that contribute to self-care. But products do not provide the essence of what self-care really is. True self-care doesn’t come in a box that contains chocolates and bath bombs. Self-care is not only about what nourishes us physically (although this is an important component), but also what soothes, enriches, and sustains us internally.


Practicing self-compassion is the basis of this entire course. From this foundation we explore self-care strategies, all the while understanding that self-care encompasses so many factors.

Self-compassion and self-care are personal issues, which is why I have developed this course to be carried out on an individual basis.


Life will throw numerous curveballs our way. We all deal with the good, the bad, and everything in between. We will be hurt. We all make mistakes. We may be devalued and unappreciated. We have restrictions and limitations. And the list goes on. But what matters is how we perceive ourselves and how we choose to care for ourselves.


So, are you ready to flourish? Read on...


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