I acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which I have the privilege of being a guest on. I pay my respects to the Elders, past, present, and emerging. I recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. Always was and always will be Aboriginal land.

Aged care consultant Del Marie McAlister, is the editor of inspire (a magazine for aged care Leisure & Lifestyle and Pastoral Care  employees), workshop facilitator, seminar presenter, author, counsellor, and chaplain.


The Aged Care Leisure and Lifestyle Guide (Second edition)

Revised, upgraded, updated, and expanded.

More information about the government's response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, more about culture and diversity and a chapter on navigating our way through Covid -19. 

A must-have manual for all Leisure and Lifestyle employees in Australia.

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“The COVID additions are great as are your real-life examples and lived experiences - very impactful. I’m sure they resonate with many staff.” 

"What a lot of work you have invested in this very helpful manual."

 December 2021 edition of inspire

Once again, this is a FREE gift. And it's bursting with over 100 Christmassy ideas.

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ZOOM and TEAMS workshops

Del Marie is available to be a guest speaker at your Residential Aged Care Home professional development sessions via Zoom or Teams etc. Contact Del Marie directly for more information: delmariemcalister@yahoo.com


Do you need inspiration on how to host meaningful events?

Would you like more ideas on how to celebrate culture?

Are you looking for ideas of how to meet your resident’s needs?

Would you like a manual packed with art and craft ideas?

Are you looking for more games?

This huge manual has over 600 pages containing 250 activity ideas suited to aged care homes.

Many of these are dementia-friendly.

Every activity includes a description, purposes, preparation, directions, risk assessments etc.

Many also include templates, photos, links to websites and tutorials, case studies and additional





Well done Del! Again you have put together a practical activity book, that has activities with all the planning and thinking done for us. Relevant and fun with such a great range of activities, this is a win for residents, a win for lifestyle and activities staff and a win for aged care and the professionalism of all our services. You could only have made this easier if you came and ran the activity for us! Thanks for doing the hard work and taking some pressure off our work load. Cathryn McMillan, Chaplaincy Practice Lead

Grad Cert Pastoral Care and Aging, Dipl. of Counselling, Dip. of Community Service Coordination, Cert IV Training and Assessment

I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful and resourceful activity manual. Sometimes I get stuck on how to word things for documentation writing and this will guide me in the right direction. Thank you for all the wonderful and creative ideas which I can't wait to use with my residents. I would also like to acknowledge you as a great mentor to many people in this industry. Your dedication, time, and effort you have put into all the inspire publications and other resources is much appreciated.  I would like to personally thank Del Marie for giving me the opportunity to share my creations and ideas in this latest publication.  I hope you all get as my pleasure and satisfaction as I have. Filidea DiBianco, Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator, Leisure and Health Trainer and Assessor

Cert IV in Leisure and Health, Dip in Leisure and Health, Cert IV Training and Assessment

We have been using Del Marie McAlister's material in the inspire magazine for some time now and it has been very useful in our Leisure and Lifestyle Department. This new comprehensive, yet not-too-formal guide is written with the benefit of Del's personal extensive experience. I am only too willing to endorse this manual and Del as its author. Glenda Daly, Leisure & Lifestyle Assistant

BA Arts Social Sciences, MA Ageing and Pastoral Studies

This is a wonderful resource for any organisation looking for innovative strategies for their clients - full of amazing activities which are easy to implement in order to achieve a sense of mastery for our elders.

Dr Julie Bajic Smith (PhD) Aged Care Psychology Consultant  

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We have a very active Facebook group where we network,  share ideas and support each other.


The inspire magazine:

These monthly online magazines feature activity ideas for every day! There are also product reviews,

daily inspiration, art and craft ideas, quizzes,  articles, noticeboard, gardening tips, chaplaincy

resources, recipes and much, much more.


"Inspire magazine is an amazing and thorough resource which every facility should have a monthly

edition of to guide activities with their residents on a monthly basis. The issues are delivered well in

advance, so plenty of time to discuss new activities with the residents in resident meetings and

embed the chosen activities into monthly calendars." Dr Julie Bajic Smith

The readers are saying:

“Love inspire magazines. We use them most days.”

"I would not have made it through this year without your magazine...thank you."

“Thank you for your recent edition of inspire.  I love it.  For once I have something that is

relevant to Australians. This will give  our residents meaningful and purpose activities.”

"I cannot praise you highly enough. Inspire has saved me so much time. Looking forward to the


"These are awesome and I can't wait for the next issue. I gave a copy to my team members

and they all love it. Such a great resource."

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 Accreditation Ready

 This book takes a look at each one of the Aged Care Quality Standards and suggests ways we can comply with them. $10


Spiritual Care in Aged Care 

 Under the  Aged Care Quality Standards, we are expected to meet our resident’s spiritual needs. $10

Daily Quizzes for Seniors 

 This book contains a quiz for every day of the year.  $15


The Leisure and Lifestyle Guide 

 250 pages of almost everything you need to know to excel in your role. Includes samples, templates and much, much more. A must-have for all Leisure and Lifestyle facilitators. $15


Highlights of inspire 2020

 A collection of articles, quizzes, craft, ideas etc. from all the 2020 inspire magazines. $10


Devotions for Seniors 

 Devotions to read to Christians who are nearing the end of their life on earth. Full of compassion, love and hope. FREE


Emotional  Care in Aged Care

 A guide book for providing emotional care for residents. $10


Available to download as a PDF file from the SHOP tab.


Training course - Supporting our Resident's Needs:

Professional development through voice-over PowerPoint presentations. These are $20 each.

You will:

 Master the concept of partnering with residents in supporting their needs in accordance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Learn how to deliver activities, events etc. that cater to the needs of a diverse range of people.

Gain new skills and strategies that will enable you to enhance your programs.

Increase your awareness of the variety ways to improve the quality of care you provide.

Module 1. Supporting the Need to Belong

 Module 2. Supporting the Need to be Culturally Safe

 Module 3. Supporting the Need to Celebrate Identity

 Module 4. Supporting Creative and Intellectual Needs

 Module 5. Supporting Emotional Needs

 Module 6. Supporting Spiritual Needs

 Module 7. Supporting the Need to Experience Happiness

 Module 8. Supporting the Need to Have a Sense of Purpose

 Module 9. Supporting the Need to be Cared for, to feel Safe and Loved

 Module 10. Supporting the Needs of Someone who is Dying

“I want to thank you for the informative and essential workshop that you presented. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am so pleased with the outcomes.”

Available to download as a PowerPoint (with voice-over) presentations from the SHOP tab.