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About Del Marie McAlister

Del Marie McAlister is an Aged Care Wellbeing Consultant, Author, Founder of The CARE Model, and the editor of inspire, a monthly magazine for Leisure and Lifestyle professionals who work at Residential Aged Care Homes. Del Marie McAlister’s extensive experience as a Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Aged Care Chaplain and Counsellor, and  Freelance Writer has equipped her to provide quality resources for people working in Leisure and Lifestyle in the aged care sector. The monthly magazine aptly titled inspire, provides a valuable source of ideas and inspiration. The books and training programs provide current information and ideas to inspire staff and enhance program planning. Del Marie is available as a guest presenter for virtual conferencing and also offers mentoring for individuals. She is currently working on a specifically tailored learning program that will offer practical training for Leisure and Lifestyle Professionals.

The CARE Model

The CARE Model is a way of caring for people based on these values:





The Inspire Magazine

The monthly inspire magazines are filled with ideas and information for Leisure and Lifestyle Professionals. There are activity suggestions for every day of the year, craft, quizzes, games, jokes, reminiscing, self-care, professional development, and much more. As from January 2023, an additional feature will be a section of large-print handouts and colouring in pages for residents.


Zoom Seminars

Del Marie presents seminars and workshops either face-to-face or via zoom. Some of the topics are bereavement, creating a culturally safe place, spirituality, palliative care, self-care and more. 

Endorsements and Feedback

Excellent presentation yesterday Del at the Diversional Therapy Australia spiritual care workshop. Love your philosophy, information and examples. Thank you.


I have looked at the March issue of the inspire magazine and I am so happy to see so many interesting items as usual. Thanks so much for all the effort you put into these resources. We value them a lot.

Well done Del! Again you have put together a practical activity book, that has activities with all the planning and thinking done for us. Relevant and fun with such a great range of activities, this is a win for residents, a win for lifestyle and activities staff, and a win for aged care and the professionalism of all our services. Cathryn McMillan, Chaplaincy  Practice Lead

I cannot thank you enough for creating such a wonderful and resourceful activity manualThank you for all the wonderful and creative ideas which I can't wait to  use with my residents. I would also like to acknowledge you as a great mentor to many people in this industry. Filidea DiBianco, Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator, Leisure and Health Trainer and Assessor

We have been using Del Marie McAlister's material in the inspire magazine for some time  now and it has been very useful in our Leisure and Lifestyle Department. This comprehensive, yet not-too-formal guide is written with the benefit of Del's personal extensive experience. Glenda Daly, BA Arts Social Sciences, MA Ageing and Pastoral Studies

The inspire magazine is an amazing and thorough resource which every facility should have a monthly  edition of to guide activities with their residents on a monthly basis. The issues are delivered well in advance, so plenty of time to discuss new activities with the residents in resident meetings and embed the chosen activities into monthly calendars. Dr Julie Bajic Smith (PhD) Aged Care Psychology Consultant  

I would not have made it through this year without your magazine. Thank you.

We absolutely love our Daily News for Seniors - it’s a special part of our daily program now. It's great in our groups and a great way to do a 1:1 for those in rooms. There's always something to talk about - trigger more memories and have a laugh.


Thank you for your recent edition of inspire. I love it.  For once I have something that is relevant to Australians. This will give  our residents meaningful and purpose activities.

The inspire magazines are awesome and I can't wait for the next issue. I gave a copy to my team members and they all love it. Such a great resource.

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